April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

I love Easter Sunday! I'm pretty sure my favorite part of church today was when the 1st Counselor announced the Bishop's wife being hte first speaker and Having the Bishop come up and say he forgot to tell his wife that she was speaking today so She beared her testimony and he spoke! lol it was Classic! Loved it! seriously we all were laughing so hard! I am so grateful for Christ's atonement and am so blessed with the knowledge that He Lives and We too will live again after this life.

This week has been a super awesome week and its only gonna get better with my parents coming into town on Thursday!!  on the 4th we Found out Baby McGee is  Baby Girl McGee!! :) We are Team Pink! :) lol and we are tickled pink to welcome a daughter into our home! once I can figure out how to get the video onto the computer  I will post Lance's reaction to him finding out its a Girl! its Super cute!

Mom and Dad J come into town on Thursday!! Running the Big D Marathon! Lance and My Mom are doing the half marathon and My Dad ( I was signed up but not doing it being preggers) is doing the Marathon! sooo excited to see them and to cheer them on! Can't wait to sign up for a marathon after Baby Girl is born! Its getting closer too us coming to Arizona too!! I am so excited to see family and friends!! I have missed you all sooo much!!! I can't believe its April already I feel like this year is flying by!!

He lives! My aunts beautiful song she wrote! Happy Easter


Ashlee said...

I would love to see you when you're in town!

McGee said...

Ashlee I WOULD LOVE THAT!!! I would love to see you too!!