April 2, 2011

A Decade!

10 Years ago On a Beautiful Monday Evening April 2, 2001 We got a call from Duston saying Monica was finally progressing in her labor and that it wouldn't be long before there was a baby! so we packed in the Van and Drove to the hospital for some reason I am thinking it was Mesa Luthern....(monica correct me if i'm wrong) We waited in the waiting room soooo excited this was going to be the first grand kid on my family side and our first niece or nephew...it was a suprise so we didn't know what she was having! I don't remember the wait being to long when Dusty Came out tears in his eyes and Hugged my Dad it was such a sweet moment and finally he announced we got a healthy Baby Boy! We waited for them to clean up baby and then went in to see Monica the super Mom and of course our very new very first Nephew! When we got into the room we hugged Monica and then there he was.... The most beautiful Baby boy I had ever seen in my life beautiful brown hair and lots of it! he had Monica's lips and he was soooo cute! they told us his name was Clayton Lynne names after his Great Grandpas's and in that moment I couldn't believe I was an aunt! This little guy would know me as Aunt Brittany! He was so precious! I remember one night he was only a couple of months old and I don't know if I was Baby sitting or asked Monica if i could put Clayton down for bed time but I remember holding him and rocking him in the glider in their cute appartment on stapley and I was singing to him and staring at his cute face and I knew this little guy was going to grow up to be such a great kid and a Great young man! just like his dad :) He fell asleep and I thought how precious he is and how amazing it was that just a few months ago he was in our Heavenly Fathers presence. That little guy turns 10 today...this eveing around 8 to be exact. and I have no idea where those 10 years went! He is such a young man now and such a boy! I love it! but my goodness he grew up way to fast! 2 more years and he is a deacon, 6 more years he dates and 8 more years he graduates, 9 more years he becomes a missionary!! WOW!!! I love that he is 10 and still will give me huge hugs and cuddles with me :) He is amazing and so much fun to be around! I am so blessed and so lucky to be his Aunt! Happy Birthday Clayton!!

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JPK said...

Thanks for making me cry. Precious post!