December 14, 2009

Grandpa Tell Me 'Bout the Good Old Days..

My Grand Dad Is still in Love with My Grandma...You see I come From a Long Line of Love...

My Grandpa is one of the Greatest Man I have had the pleasure to know and have been so blessed to have him as My Papa :) Growing up I had 2 Grandpas but Grandpa C. Has been the Grandpa that has taken that role and ran with it:) He has been the grandpa that I have been blessed to really have a realationship with. He has always been there and growing up he always asked me what was up in my life and teased me and always told me he loved me and always had a hug and a kiss for me:) one of my favorite stories about him is the time when he kicked the trash out of a guy who lets just say was a pervert and Grandpa protects the girls in his life :)

But Papa isn't feeling well and is in alot of pain and I don't like when my loved ones are in pain. I wish I could take his pain away. but I know that Heavenly Father is Watching over him and that he Hears our Prayers and that no matter what happens everything is going to be ok because Families are Forever:)

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Wendi and Matt said...

How adorable! I hope he gets better on earth or in heaven!