August 10, 2009

Car Accident #2!!

Rack it up! I went 17 years with no car accident. Then 5/13/2005 freaky friday me and my dad and my sis. Kristy got into one. (not our fault)

Now 4 years later on 8/10/2009 I get into another car accident so tell me how I was able to go 17 years accident free and now I can't go 5 years with out one! Grrrrrr

So I was heading in for an appointment with Dr Brimhall and I was on Queen Creek rd reading to get on the i-10 when a young lady decided to get into the turning lane ( the lane i was in) and she thought there was enough room and that i was far enough back....ya she was wrong she ended up side swipping me and my poor car got a beating its not to bad but holy crap I hurt! it took forever for the cops to get there since it was on the rez. by the time I got to my dads office I was really hurting my Back hurt i had a huge headache and my neck was hurting. I am so blessed it wasn't worse but I wish it didn't happen! oh well such is life. here are the pictures of my car.


Foutz Family said...

That stinks! But I know a pretty good body tech if you want to come out to QC. :)

McGee said...

Lance acually mentioned Jeremy! so i think he is cool with going out to QC :)

Gina Lee said...

Hey! I found your blog! And bummer about this accident. I was rear ended RIGHT there on top of the 10 too! I was also 9 months pregnant with Porter and bumped twice from behind (the lady that hit me got it too! haha) Even though the Rez cops did take as long as they would have...they got there much faster knowing I was pregnant. Even though I was fine, I wanted to throw that in so I wouldnt be THAT much later to work. haha. Glad you are ok, and that is TOTALLY my pet peeve right there when people ride the right lane to cut over on the bridge. WAIT IN LINE PEOPLE, like everyone else!!
Oh, and the month previously this to this little rear ending...I was riding with my friend and she also got rear ended. So I got hit from behind twice in the last month of my pregnancy...and it STILL didnt put me in labor. haha.

Amy Baron said...

So how did the lady react on this matter? It’s absolutely her fault. She should’ve been able to predict that you’re approaching and almost near. I’m sure she learned something from this accident. I hope it won't happen again.

>Amy Baron

Thao Cantu said...

We can only learn from experience. Accidents come without warning. This teaches us that we do not just need to be careful, but alert as well. How I wish you let the lady pay for a medical checkup that you obviously needed at that moment, and the car repair her recklessness caused you.

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