August 5, 2009

California here we come right back where we started from...

So Lishele and Sean's wedding was amazing! I ended up driving there by myself. they way there was horrible I thought I was going to go insain and then I got a Worlds Famous Date Skake in Dateland...yuck! it was good for a little bit and then the taste just got gross and more gross! after seriously it was only like 3 hours I thought I was going to go crazy then I finally got to the San Diego Temple and it was GORGEOUS!!! I loved it! its now my Favorite Temple! I then got to my uncle Kevin and Aunt Julias house and just in time to leave for my cousins play The Music Man! it was super good I loved it! Saturday the 18th I got to go to the Newport Beach Temple which is like 15 min away from my uncles house! that made it super nice! That was a beautiful temple! I loved it! then it was time to go to Lisheles wedding and it was beautiful she looked like a bride out of a magazine! the whole ceromony was really nice and they make the cutest couple! I got to see my cousin Kris who i hadn't seen in 10 years and that was so fun! the drive home was wonderful! I loved it! over all it was a blast and super nice to drive by myself and have that alone time:)

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