February 6, 2014

Emily's Birth Story

Well it's that time again I want to get this in writing before I forget. However Emily's birth is quite memorable!! There's a lot of TMI because well it's a birth story so deal with it I'm not making you read this lol.

It started with me taking castor oil at 4pm on Wednesday the 5th.  Lance had clinic camp Thursday Friday and I was nervous she would come when he was away. That's why I took the oil. Well 8pm the castor oil hit! I was living in the bathroom and was having cramps by 10:30-11 we went to bed and I had Lance give me a blessing I felt like an idiot for taking the oil cause I was miserable and the cramps/ contractions were painful. We went to bed and I woke up at about 1:30am with the runs again and the. Cramps/contractions I wasn't sure if they were poop pains or contractions. But then I wasn't having the runs but still having cramps/contractions and thy kept getting worse so by 3:30am I woke up lance told him what was going on every 3-5minutes the contraction pain was coming. So we called our friend who was going to come watch K but she didn't answer and I knew we couldn't wait so we called our back up and all was good she got there 15 minutes later and then we were off to the hospital I was having contractions along the way and they were very very painful!!! We got to L/D but the door was locked we had to go through the emergency room in the freezing weather may I add!! It's freezing here!! After getting a wheel chair Lance wheeled me into L/D  we get checked in and they can't find me in their system (pre reg) I get to my room they want me to leave a urine sample yeah that didn't happen ...then they checked me 6-7 dilated!!!! I was going to die the contractions were so painful I told my mom and lance I would need an epi because The contractions were so close and so painful and then another contraction came and I had to get off the bed laying down wasn't working so I kneeled at the floor of the bed and breathed and a nurse came In so I have all these consent forms they need me to fill out I was feeling like pushing and everyone started telling me no Brittany breath I was shining my name and forms at 4:34 and still needing to push a nurse told me if I kept pushing I would make my cervix swell and then I would need a c-section!!! I was scared because my body was telling me to push so I said a prayer and I pushed hard on my next contraction and felt her descend and I thought she was crowning the nurse finally checked and oh there's the head and told me I heeded to get off the floor and on the bed so I wouldn't have baby on the floor! Lol I was on my hands and knees on the bed and she said I could push if I felt like it so I did and 2 pushes her head was out and then she said I needed to turn over and push baby out so I did and one push later baby was out at 4:48am we got to L/D at 4:20 mind you. My midwife missed it !lol by 4 minutes! Lol the nurse delivered emily!! It happened so fast I couldn't believe she was already here!!! Lance and I both were in sock about it!! Thank you regular chiropractic care!!!:) short delivery and labor!!! It was amazing I have a small tear but not that bad and it's on the inside so my recovery this time has already been night and day difference I feel great and am so excited to go home tomorrow!!! Emily is doing sooo good!! It snowed today!! Mother Nature wanted it to be beautiful for her arrival I guess :) we are so in live with her and so grateful my mom came early and changed her flight cause originally she was suppose to get here today at 11:30am!! Me and lance both feel everything went as good as it could have! We are blessed! Another successful natural non medicated birth ! Our bodies are amazing!!! I am so happy!!!

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Melanie said...

Congratulations!! Emily is beautiful!

P.S. Fast L&D us the best ;)