January 1, 2012

The First Day of 2012

Happy New Year! I still can't believe 2011 is over and gone....It really is insain how fast time is flying! I have been very much MIA from blogging since Thanksgiving sooo here is a quick update...
I started working for Wells Fargo part time Nov. 28th I still work at DollarTree part time too. I just applied to 3 different locations for Fulltime assistant Store Manager and I'm really hoping I get it! that means more money and no Wells Fargo! woot woot! :) happy day! however because of my schedule I let myself get lazy and get less exercise in ! not good! I have a 10k Hotcake run on the 14th of January where Lance is running a 5k in. and My marathon is April 15th! goodness that is in 3 months and 14 days! :) I have a long way to go still! I don't like new years resolutions I like Goals for the year..some might say they are the same thing but lets face it new years resolutions are over rated and most of the time not attainable.... my goal isn't to lose x amount of pounds..my goal is to finish my Marathon in 6 hours not a minute more. I also want to do a run about every 3 months and I'm debating doing nothing less than a 10k this year... a goal Lance and I have always made is of course get Pregnant!! well the last 2 years we have got that! however This years goal is not get pregnant but to actually HAVE a baby...or at least have a healthy pregnancy. I would very much like a baby in 2012. VERY MUCH.

I would like to be in management at Dollar Tree this year which is looking very good!. I want to just continue what I've been doing since October. working out, eating healthier, and just feeling better about myself and life.

Today I ran 4 miles in 55:09 it was a great kick in the butt for me.  I finished WLB in Nov. at 191then got down to 187.8 and then the holiday's came and working 60 plus hours a week between 2 jobs and me being lazy and thinking just this one time i won't go to the AAC and i wasn't exercising like i needed to be and BAM I weighed in today at 194.2 such a bummer but i'm not gonna dwell on it what did I do? I went running. ps a BondiBand is AMAZING!! love it! well then Happy New Years to you all.

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