May 17, 2011


I started a journal while were were on our trip so here it is.....this is the first 4 days of our trip!! :) VENICE

April 27th or is it April 28th lol so we Arrived at Sky Harbor ready to go at about 6 30ish when we were driving AA called us to inform us that our plane had been delayed an hour. By the time we got to the air port it was delayed 2 hours we checked in and asked them about our connecting flight in Chicago because we would only have about 30 minutes to get off the plane and get to our next flight so they moved us to us airways to a sooner flight and upgraded us to first class! Woot woot! Well we got spoiled we had French toast, turkey sasuage a biscutt and fruit for breakfast the stewardest called us my mr and mrs mcgee…awesome! And I got a good hour of sleep then the plane ride from you know where we are in the 2nd to last row of this huge long plane that sits 2 4 2 and I have the widow lance has the aisle and it was the most uncomfortable plane sit ever! And it was super hot the whole way so needless to say we got zero amount of sleep for the 7 hour and 50min flight we were on! Yuck! Now we are safe and sound in Madrid Spain with one more stamp in our passport and just 3 hours till our flight leaves to Venice! Ps the bathrooms are super clean here but the toilet paper….is sandpaper!

May 6, 2011
Well its been a few days since I last wrote in this which is not goo but I will finish where I left off
So Siberia is the plane we went on from Madrid to Venice it was about 2 and ½ hours and it was the longest worst flight ever! Lance and I both felt like Zombies! The sleepiness got us and we both kept dozing on and off and it was horrible and such a small plane our carry on’s had to go under the plane and we had a bus drive us to our plane! Crazy!! BUT THE WEATHER WAS GREAT! Well we got to Marco san Polo airport and was very blessed and VERY HAPPY that all our luggage got to us!  so after that we went to this ticket thing that was like a kiosk thing to get bus tickets well its all in Italian and we don’t know that language but low and be hold there is an English language/ British flag option! So we try to figure out what we want which is the bus not a water taxi or a water bus! But we want to get to VENICE! Well we are blessed again and looked for logos and found the same one on our ticket as on the sign and it was a bus and the man who was driving said Venezia which is Italian for Venice! Woot woot! We are navigating around this trip like pros! The bus ride is Beautiful we are tired but now that fact that we are in Italy on our way to Venice has awaken new energy that we didn’t know we had! We cross the big long bridge to Venice from the main land and Lance takes the Venice book from Rick steve’s who we love! Out and away we go! Luggage in hands and rolling we went to locate our hotel Henry we walked…and walked…and climbed up steps…with one big suitcase and a small carryon suitcase on wheels each and lance with a back pack and me with my purse……and walked….and climbed….and finally we figured out we were not going to find our hotel because we were in the WRONG AREA! There are no straight streets in Venice nor are they labeled well or have side walks its just stones and rocks and they are pretty uneven and now the tiredness kicks in and I’m thinking we are screwed! We are not gonna find our amazing hotel that has a bed that is calling my name but Lance walking like he has been in Venice and knows where he is going puts us back on the right road and we come to wall and a small opening and lance stops a local askes us where and speaks Italian we know he is asking us if we need help or what we are looking for lance says Hotel Henry and shows him the book he says “ ahh Hotel Henry. Go (points to the left) go ( points to the right) Hotel Henry!” sure enough we go left and almost pass it up until I tell Lance Hotel Henry is what we want and he says yes and there it is on the right just like the kind Italian Man said! We check in and get a map of Venice the room is nice its small but is perfect for us the shower is tiny the toilet is weird! Lol but all in all nice I suggest us taking showers to help wake us up since we can’t go to bed for another 3 1/2 hours since its 3:30pm Venice time….and we are soooo tired our beds are SOOOOO comfy!! So we take our showers and begin looking at the city of Venice its amazing we are both amazed that we are in Venice we are starving and trying to find a place to eat not hard but trying to find a place that is cheap and had something we wanted to eat….we settle for a cute little place and ended up having the worst service and lance took a few bites and his tummy was feeling bad and my pizza was good cause I was starving we ended up walking back to the hotel since dinner took forever and lance wasn’t feeling very good we climbed into bed and I was out! Then I woke up to lance throwing up in the bathroom I asked him if he was okay since the other day I was doing that too…he then came back to bed and then a couple of hours later I woke up again to poor lance throwing up again! He ended up throwing up most of the night and thank goodness he didn’t have the runs then we slept in very late cause we were so tired and lance finally stopped throwing up I think we finally woke up at like 1 in the afternoon we got ready and began our walking we walked to our waterbus stop that is very close to our hotel and purchased a 48 hour ticket for both of us and it was the best 28 euros we spent! We took a water bus all around Venice and took tons of pictures and were amazed with the beauty and majesty of this great place! The buildings were amazing!! We found a great park in which I ate a sandwich from the grocery store COOP and it was amazing! An old guy/ bum was sleeping on one of the bench’s and he walked up and walked to the wall in the park with lots of trees and bushes and we both looked at each other and said did he just get up to go pee!? LOL it was very funny he just decided to go in the park! Lol we weren’t very impressed by the food. It was amazing we went to St. Marks basilica and it was beautiful and amazing! We loved Venice and very often we would just walk down a street and see where it lead and it was awesome! We got to see tons of cathedrals and got to meet an artist in his house and bought one of his works it was super cool and seriously amazing! I was a little worried Venice would not hold up to my high expectations but it completely blow my expectations out of the water! I LOVE GELATO!! We woke up one early early morning like around 2 and we could not go back to sleep we both laughed and talked a little bit and finally we fell back asleep! The hotel was nice we were hardly there so it being small was fine! I WANT TO GO BACK TO VENICE!!! MUCH MORE PICTURES TO COME!!!!

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Kara said...

Sounds amazing! Glad you had a good time! I want to go to Venice someday for sure.