June 25, 2010


Wow life has changed so much since the last post!!!
April- I got a new job in April working at Grand Canyon University! Yep I change Lives by getting people to go back to school and achieve their goals! WOOT WOOT! I actually really love it! but I miss my old coworkers SO MUCH!!

May- we celebrated 3 years of marriage!! woot woot! yep yep May 18th! life was busy so I told lance I wanted Taco Bell for Dinner and just wanted to watch a movie at home or something like that. I really wish we could have gone to Cali but since our Anni. was on a tuesday and life really got crazy after that we passed this time. Lance's sisters husband ended up in the hospital and what was suppose to be a normal sholder surgery to flush out an infection ended up putting him in the ICU in Gilbert Mercy and on a ventilator! he ended up having 2 strokes while in the ICU and Gilbert Mercy and it was scary there for a while!! many prayers and fasting was done in his behalf and he got transfered to St Joe's ICU.

June- He who is Roy is not out of the ICU and the ventilator machine was outof his room last week and he said 3 words , hi, yes and mom....and the other day he was finally able to see his 8th month old daughter Marlee after a few weeks and told Alli my sister in law that " today is the best day ever" he is talking more which is a miracle! but they have a long road ahead of them if your interested in helping and in the town of Maricopa click here http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=668959648#!/event.php?eid=128166593882582&ref=ts Brooklyn Boys has agreed to donate 15% of your tab to Roy Brandon print the flyer and take it in! :) if you can't make it but want to help go into any Wells Fargo and let them know you would like to make a donation to the Roy Brandon Benefit account.
We appreciate all the help so far and all the prayers that have been said in their behalf.

Prayer and Fasting and Priesthood Blessings and a whole lot of Faith can truely make Miracles happen!!!


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Oh definitely praying for him!!

jack+alli said...

thanks for your sweet comment! :)

happy 3rd! each year goes faster than the one before, i'm sure you've noticed that already!

i hope you brother in law is doing much better! how scary!