July 12, 2009


Well the Foutz Family Reunion was a blast! we spent a couple of more days with Mom and Dad and Tess and it was so good to be in Holbrook again! I love Family Reunions! plus every time I hang out with Lances family I am reminded just how blessed I am so have such wonderful In Laws! I consider them my own! We were thinking of going back up for the forth since Holbrook has a great 4th of July Celebration but we decided to stay in town and I forgot to get my camera out for the 4th! I am the worse at that! we celebrated the 4th at our casa and it was loads of fun! Friends and Family came over and we played games and ate yummy food and watched the fireworks while being eaten alive my the mesquites! and got our friends addicted to Nerts which is one of my favorite games of all time!! I think mainly because I played it when I was so young with cousins and family in Young and i have such great memories with it that I can't help but love it! and I plan to bring cards for the Johnston reunion in 2 weeks...yeah its the 3rd and last reunion of the summer :( I am way excited for it! next week I get to take a Road Trip with my Madre and we are going to Cali. for my dear sweet amazing Cousin Lishele's wedding!! yay! I will so remember to take pictures for that one!! I can't believe how fast this summer has gone by! Its crazy! anyways i'll post pictures of my Road Trip and family reunion as they come OH!!! drum roll please........dahhhadhahhdahdhahdhahdhhdhdhadhahhdhahdha.( that's the drum roll lol)
on the 25th Lance will participate in the wonderful magical experience of WICKED the Musical!!! I am so excited I got to see it in 2004 with my family on Broadway and I am so excited to see it at Gammage with Lance..now he will know why I love it sooo much!!! ok well until next time.

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Tyler and Heather said...

Yay for family reunions... Maybe someday I will go to one. I guess I will just have to start the tradition!
So, we just watched Wicked on Friday! It was awesome! I am so with you! Tyler hadn't seen it before and was excited to go and he loved it! :) We wish we would have had binoculars though, we were on the first row on the second level. Ahh.... It was great! Enjoy it!