February 1, 2009

Happy February!!!

WOW! Its already Feb. time has gone by so FAST!

Well Christmas was a blast! my parents and sisters came to our house! woot woot! spent the night and we woke up to Christmas morning at our house this year! It was so fun! New Years was funny this year cause we were so tired we didn't really watch the ball drop this year...haha ya we're an old married couple! lol We have Gone to Young alot more which I love! thats been fun! Lance has his interview for a promotion at work! Business Specialist! Its a great Salary increase and I'm pretty positive that he'll get it! I finished my living room painting! our laptop hard drive crashed! :( bye bye pictures hopefully we can still get the stuff off I guess its a possibility! so I'm praying there is! cause i want my music and pictures back! :) Daisy is still crazy but we love her! she got her first hair cut! shes so cute! This year is going to be such a great one! I am way excited! and NO I am NOT Prego.

until next time !

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The Murray's said...

wow good luck for your husband!! I cant believe its february already too its crazzy! and i totally know how you feel about the pregnant haha everyone thinks once your married for 8-15 months your old and need to start making babies haha